2019 General Mountaineering Camp (GMC) Photo Contest


Editor’s Note - The General Mountaineering Camp (GMC) has been a staple of ours for over 100 years. Each one is in a different heli-accessed location within Canada's western ranges, accommodating anyone and everyone looking to explore the mountains, from those just starting out to hardened life-long mountaineers.

Mountain Hardwear returned for their third year in a row to sponsor our GMC Photo Contest - without them, this contest wouldn’t exist! Their generous prizes included:

  1. Outpost™ 2 Tent

  2. Lamina Eco AF™ 15F/-9C Sleeping Bag

  3. Crag Wagon™ 45 Backpack

We had quite the spread of weather during the GMC weeks, so the photos saw a lot of variety - which made it quite difficult to pick winners…. but alas, we did it! A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who submitted photos for the contest, it was a whole lot of fun going through them.


"Taking a moment to regroup on the shoulder of Ledges Peak while our guides investigated possible means of gaining the second summit. That ledge proved to be a dead end and we instead took the loose gully immediately to their left but starting from 15 metres below." Photo: Alex Popov.


The symmetrical composition of this photo by itself is already rather pleasing, but it also includes quite a bit of extra scenery and climbers for scale. Enough light also spills over the left side of the peak to illuminate climbers on the ascent line. All-in-all, the photo gives us a wonderful sense of scale and scenery - the kinds of place that fill us up when shared with good partners.


"Week 6 of the Westfall Glacier GMC was a huge mix of good and bad weather so when my birthday morning dawned bright and clear, the camp was suddenly bursting with beautiful wildflowers all around. This peaceful spot was a truly stunning view of the best place to be while in camp, the kitchen tent! Definitely one of my favourite places to celebrate growing another year older in the mountains." Photo: Natasha Salway.


Some of the GMC weeks were particularly wet, which meant there was plenty of rain to have the wildflowers bloom - this photo from Natasha Salway shows just that. Between the booming wildflowers in the foreground, river, laundry on-the-line and the basecamp tents, it all wraps together a bit of quiet beauty in the mountains and the GMC environment. It doesn’t have to always be about rad climbing!


“Anya, a 2017 GMC participant and a cook for the 2019 Artists Week (on “mountain leave” from her two children), makes her way off of Wright Peak with a view to Wrong peak in the distance.” Photo: Kathleen Davies.


A beautifully exposed image with the right amount of light in all the right places. The background is exposed to show details in the sky and glacier, while the notch in the foreground lets through enough light to highlight a climber in their element. Wright Peak and Wrong Peak were also popular peaks that saw a lot of ascents during the GMC, so it was quite nice to see them together in one photo!

Honourable Mentions:

“Scrambling to the summit with Kyle and Rachel. The clouds kept coming in and out, but just as the group pushed on a break opened up to a beautiful Vista.” Photo: Amy Pfaff.

“Three climbers leading the way up to Martini peak. An enjoyable and long ridge that offered breathtaking views along the way to the summit.” Photo: Andrea Sanchez

“Christina, Kim and Steve taking the alternate route up Ledges two. Some healthy exposure but good climbing for them to work through.” Photo: Natasha Salway.

“This was taken as Matt was cresting the col between Ledges 1 and 2 with his team.” Photo: Hai Pham.

"Jim Gudjonson flaking the rope to descend the southwest face of Vistamount after an early morning summit before 10 am. Plenty of time to continue climbing instead of just going back to base camp the same way we climbed up - that's what we all thought and therefore we continued exploring that southwest ridge. In the background, Erratum and Ledges, peaks that were also climbed during week 5." Photo: Andrea Sanchez.

Photo: Jim Firstbrook.

Photo: Vladimir Sephar

“Week 2 Camp with the rapidly rising stream between the “subdivisions” and the main camp.” Photo: Bill Summer.

"GMC week 1 - Amateur Guide Madelaine climbing Finger.” Photo: Byron Howard.

Photo: Judy Brown.

Photo: Ian Thomson

“Sunrise at basecamp.” Photo: Catherine Pao.

“Excellent tip from resident photographer and guide, Roger Laurilla. Go in close and use the flash to bring out the bright colours of the flowers.” Photo: Jeni Vlahovic.

“Au cheval on the third and highest peak of Ledges Mountain.” Photo: Jim Firstbrook.

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