Girls on Ice 2019: Photo Gallery


Editor’s Note: The 2019 Girls on Ice Canada (GOIC) program recently wrapped up at the Wheeler and Asulkan Hut!

GOIC is a tuition-free, science-immersion summer wilderness expedition that interweaves science, art and adventure to inspire leadership, curiosity and confidence in its participants.

We sent out our ACC Services Director, Sarah Karasiuk, to join the girls for a day along the Illecillewaet Glacier - these are her photos.

If you’d like to learn more about the program, you can check out our blog post here, and stay tuned to our next issue of the Gazette.

Thanks to all of our individual sponsors, supporters and participants for making it happen! Special thanks to NSERC PromoScience and to the ACC’s Official Pack Partner Osprey.

Natalie Stafl (from Parks Canada) and Lynn Martel hiking up to meet the GOIC team at Asulkan.

Lynn Martel, currently working on her upcoming book about glaciers, hikes up the last section of the trail before reaching the Asulkan Hut.

GOIC team cheering us on, in all of their glacier travel gear, as we finish the last 100m.

Natalie Stafl, of Parks Canada, tells the girls all about pikas and the extensive research that she has done.

Osprey kindly supplied packs for the team!

Lunch break accompanied by amazing views of the glacier.

Girls travel up Youngs Peak in all their gear.

Girls travel up Youngs Peak in all their gear.

The girls take turns to discuss the research projects they plan to tackle and what they hope to achieve during their trip.

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The idea for Girls on Ice Canada began at a leadership development workshop offered by Inspiring Girls founder Erin Pettit in 2015. Girls on Ice Canada founders Eleanor Bash, Alison Criscitiello, Jocelyn Hirose, and Cecelia Mortenson launched the first Girls on Ice Canada in 2018, which emulates similar Girls on Ice expeditions while offering a Canadian alpine twist.