Pre-Season Stoke: Powder at Fairy Meadow


Editor’s Note - We know, we only just entered the fall season, but a little pre-season stoke and prep never hurt anyone!

Avid skier and photographer Bianca Germain spent a week last year at the ACC’s Fairy Meadow Hut and took a pile of awesome photos. For those who are antsy for winter - this album’s for you.

  1. To check out more of Bianca’s work, you can find her on Instagram and on the web.

  2. If you missed out on the 2019/20 ski lottery for Fairy Meadow, there’s still room for you on our guided and catered Fairy Meadow Powder Week! Details below.

Taking off

Driving to the helipad with your favourite partners, loading up the bird and then landing well off-the-grid for powder. There’re few things we can think of that could set you up for a better week.

Warm-up laps

Unpack all your things, lay it out for the week and sneak in a few pleasure turns. There’s plenty of terrain right outside of the Fairy Meadow Hut, and with only the hut occupants to share it with, you can be sure to find some untracked turns just outside the door.

Big backcountry living

What’s better than taking off ski boots at the end of the day? Taking them off in a warm hut filled with great friends and great good. Having a nice big hut at the base of some world-class ski terrain certainly changes the dynamic of how we enjoy skiing.

The big and steep

When you feel like charging and conditions allow for it, that’s an option here. The Adamants host a range of gorgeous granite spires with some of the most featured and steep lines you can ride - just plan for big days out!


Material items break, get lost and/or replaced. But as they say, good memories last a life-time, and they’re all that’s left at the end of the day. Fairy Meadow is a place for making memories.

Psyched on remote powder?

If you’re looking for a week of skiing at the Fairy Meadow Hut, you can join a catered, guided ACC powder camp on Feb 29th - Mar 7th. It will certainly be an unforgettable week.

The trip includes:

  • Helicopter transport to the hut

  • Accommodation at one of the top 5 backcountry ski huts in North America

  • Guiding by long-time ACC favourite, Conrad Janzen

  • Amazing catered meals by a camp chef

  • A week right in the middle of the prime winter season, maximizing your chances of primo powder