2019 Summit Bid: Mountain Gear


Editor’s Note: The ACC is committed to building our Environment Fund to increase our investments in mountain conservation. We’re committed to stewardship of the areas in which we recreate and to leadership in their preservation and protection. 

The Summit Bid at our annual Mountain Guides Ball is now online with our current sponsors - with more on the way. The auction site will be live at the beginning of October, where your auction bids directly fund the ACC’s legacy of environmental improvement. We thank you for your support!

The auction will include great gear, fantastic experiences and exceptional mountain art. Browse the GEAR offerings below, and follow the links to the bidding. You don’t have to be present at the Ball to bid or to win.


Mountain Gear

It’s undeniable that good gear will help boost the enjoyment of an outdoor experience - the further you get out there, the more important it becomes!

We’re proud to present the following gear sponsors for the Summit Bid / 2019 Mountain Guides Ball.

You might know Yeti for their signature coolers, but they also make other quality insulated wares too! They’ve been a major sponsor of our Happy Hour at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, and we’re excited to have them join us this year at the Summit Bid!

Go take a look at their new colours for Fall 2019!

Donation: The Panga™ 75 Duffle, Hopper BackFlip™ 24, several mesh trucker hats

Mountain Hardwear’s completely revamped their line-up, bringing us back to the roots of where they came from. Redesigns of old classics with the addition of new colour palettes, and all new gear to help equip the modern explorer. Mountain Hardwear’s been a supporter of our annual GMC for as long as we can remember, and we’re psyched to have them back on board again for another year of the Summit Bid!\

Go follow the Mountain Hardwear team as they journey to Mt Everest!

Donation: Phantom -40F/C Sleeping Bag, Trango 2P Tent, and Crag Wagon 60L Pack.


Outdoor Research was a Tier 1 sponsor from the start of the Summit Bid, and we’re excited to have them back for another year at the top spot! Along with making high-end outdoor equipment, OR focuses on providing opportunities and inspiring everyone to get outside - which you can be seen through projects like #SheAdventures and the We Can Grant.

You can learn more about Outdoor Research and what’s in their name in this video!

The Alpine Club of Canada has 25 local sections across the country from Newfoundland and Labrador to Vancouver Island and the Yukon. We've been passionate about climbing, hiking and skiing in alpine environments for over 100 years. Everyone is welcome. Join us!

Donation: Full Canadian Alpine Journal Set

The North Face has generously donated two Wawona 4 Tents to us and two One Bags! The tents are big family-style tents that you can stand up in, and the sleeping bag is the all-arounder!

We thank The North Face for joining us for another year at the Summit Bid!

Marmot is a brand new sponsor for our 2019 Summit Bid! They’ve generously donated a pair of their ultra-light and warm parkas, named after the famous route up Denali, the West Rib.


Arc’teryx has sponsored our Mountaineering Program since 2007 - supporting First Summits, Classic Summits, and 55+. We’re excited to have them back on board for the 2019 Summit Bid this year with their quality gear!

Donation: 2x Jacket vouchers and Alpha FL 45L

Moving ahead in the 21st Century, C.A.M.P. continues to work for those who challenge themselves and seek to be a part of the natural world. C.A.M.P. strives to actively promote the endeavors of those who remain young inside, who love the risk and the spirit of adventure, who halt awe-struck with the colors of the sunrise and bask in the beauty of the alpenglow.

Donation: Pair of X-Dream Ice Axes and Alpinist Crampons

More sponsors of the 2019 Summit Bid include:

2019 Summit Bid

Stay tuned to the start of October, individual items will be available for preview - bidding to come soon after!