GMC Photo Contest


Editor's Note - The General Mountaineering Camp (GMC) has been a staple of ours for over 100 years. Each one is in a different heli-accessed location within Canada's western ranges, accommodating anyone and everyone looking to explore the mountains, from those just starting out to hardened life-long mountaineers.

During our GMC this year we ran a photo contest to win some sweet gear - supported by our generous sponsors over at Mountain Hardwear! The prizes included: Pathfinder 2 Tent, Scrambler Roll Top 35L Outdry Backpack and a Lightweight Expedition Duffel.

A big 'thank you' to everyone who submitted photos, they were quite nice to go through and see all the amazing scenery and smiling faces.

Now onwards to the winners!

First Place:

Larry Shiu placing protection during the climb of "The Riddle" glacier, en route to False Hallam (a.k.a. "Helium") Peak. Behind him are Serena Polt and Wendell Martin. Camp is seen down the valley in the distance. Photo: Gadi Maayan.

Why we chose it:

Big terrain, a gorgeous setting, technical climbing bits and good composition - we love it!

This photo provides a strong sense of scale with Larry Shiu in the foreground, mid-ground with "The Riddle" glacier and two small figures, and basecamp far down below in the meadows as a backdrop. It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling and encompasses the type of adventure one can expect to have at our GMC.

Great shot Gadi, enjoy your new tent!

Second Place:

Morning fog rolling into basecamp, ultimately filling the whole valley floor. This fog burned away shortly afterwards, but was a precursor to weather that produced lightning, thunder and hail later that day. Photo: Ray Hope.

Why we chose it:

Early mornings are often the hardest time to get up and commit yourself to taking out the camera, but that golden hour is almost always worth it, as evident by Ray Hope's photo.

Soft morning light, a warm glow off fresh valley fog and that nice green/orange/blue palette... pretty much the best morning view with your coffee.

We love the atmosphere of your photo Ray - enjoy your new bag!

Third Place:

A group of climbers make their way over the moraines leading to the “Riddle “ glacier during week 2 at the 2018 GMC. Climbs on this side the valley called for 4am wake-ups and boots on the trail by 5am. Photo: Jeff Stokoe.

Why we chose it:

Contrary to what many photos show, climbing involves a lot of hiking - so much hiking... We're glad that Jeff paused to take a photo of these climbers on their way to their objective.

A nice silhouette (with some details maintained in the shadows), subject separation, mountainous backdrop and good composition - a classic photo done very well.

Great shot Jeff, we hope you enjoyed those alpine starts! Have fun on many more adventures with your new expedition duffel!

Honourable Mentions:

Taken on our descent from Weiser Peak. It shows a few rope teams ahead and the majesty of the Riddle Glacier in the far distance.

Photo: David Servos.

By that time the snow had melted off the glaciers exposing their inner beauty. We spent one day exploring the glacier as we couldn't find a route through it to the col, it was utterly sublime to wander through its wondrous melted shapes. That is our guide Ben Paradis on the glacier.

Photo: Sally Baydala.

A rope team led by amateur leader Rob making its way past some large seracs that were partway up the Riddle Glacier. I took this shot from camp during my rest day. The scale of this glacier was hard to wrap your head around, I like how small the climbers look compared to the massive ice cliffs.

Photo: David Servos.

Roger Laurilla leading a hiking group up the moraine above camp to spend a day exploring the high alpine meadows.

Photo: Roy Miller.

Dee Stokoe takes in the view from below the summit of Mt. Hallam During week 2 of the 2018 GMC.

Photo: Jeff Stokoe.

The morning sun is peaking around the mountainside as the Hallam General Mountaineering Camp wakes up for another day in these stunning mountains. We were all very snug and warm in our Mountain Hardwear tents for the week.

Photo: Natasha Salway

We are already on the rocky part of Hallam Peak but the last rope party of our group is now approaching and climbing up the snow ridge in the midst of this amazing remote mountains landscape.

Photo: Thierry Levenq.

Participants of the leadership course are trying to determine the best way to navigate around Iceberg Lake.

Photo: Jess Scott.

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