The Lady Alliance at Wheeler Hut


Editor's Note: In the Fall of 2017, The Lady Alliance — an "ever growing group of women joining together to encourage, support and inspire others to branch out and try new adventures" — came together for a long weekend at Wheeler Hut in Rogers Pass. Below is their story and photos of the trip by Kieren Britton, adventure team manager of The Lady Alliance.


Ladies Meet for the First Time

We first met each other in the morning as we all piled into the vehicle. Excitement was the ultimate ice breaker, as we were all looking forward to a weekend of adventure with other outdoorsy and inspiring women.

As we approached Glacier National Park, the energy in the car did not dim. We had excitedly chatted the whole 11 hour drive up until that point.

We arrived to a bustling A. O. Wheeler Hut full of eager and enthusiastic women. Most had never met prior to their arrival. Only a couple pairs arrived as friends. Everyone there seemed to be bursting with anticipation for the weekend.

As the 28 women who registered continued to trickle in, one thing became clear. These women were there not only to enjoy the adventures planned for the weekend. They were there to find women that were also interested in the activities they loved. They were there to expand their community.

Women of all ages came from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, New York, Detroit, Montreal and Germany.


Hiking, Yoga and Hut Cooking

The weekend was full of yoga, acro-yoga, hikes, and nature walks.

The ladies split off into smaller groups of six to ten and could choose their hiking times, routes, and levels of difficulty. This brought us together through being in a more intimate group, allowing for connections to become much deeper. Each lady came with their own journey in mind. For some it was a natural journey. For some it was in search of a new adventure. For some it was about connection to a community. And for others it was about a weekend full of physical challenges.


Women’s Adventures

Women’s adventures are not about excluding men. They're about creating a space where we can grow together. For some they're about opening up and exposing vulnerabilities to show how strong and determined we truly are. For others, they're about having a weekend of laughs with kindred spirits. They're about finding out exactly what makes us capable.

This trip helped remind us that there are other ladies out there that enjoy the activities that we do. It reminded us that we as women are not easily categorized. It allowed women to come together to encourage each other.

The first ever Lady Alliance Adventure Meet Up at A. O. Wheeler Hut was an outstanding success. Strangers had the opportunity to become friends. When it’s all women, you take the lead, push further, laugh harder, and you summit that mountain.


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