2019 Summit Bid: Mountain Art


Editor’s Note: The ACC is committed to building our Environment Fund to increase our investments in mountain conservation. We’re committed to stewardship of the areas in which we recreate and to leadership in their preservation and protection. 

The Summit Bid at our annual Mountain Guides Ball is now online with our current sponsors - with more on the way. The auction site will be live at the beginning of October, where your auction bids directly fund the ACC’s legacy of environmental improvement. We thank you for your support!

The auction will include great gear, fantastic experiences and exceptional mountain art. Browse the ART offerings below, and follow the links to the bidding. You don’t have to be present at the Ball to bid or to win.

Mountain Art

Art is important to the way we understand our outdoor spaces - it inspires us to get out and protect the places we play in. We've gathered a variety of work that instills that feeling and we're proud to highlight our art supporters for the Summit Bid / 2019 Mountain Guides Ball.

On John: Growing up in Vancouver, John Baldwin became fascinated by the Coast Mountains that rise above the city and developed a lifelong passion to explore this incredible range of mountain wilderness.

Over the past 40 years he has completed numerous first ascents and pioneered many long ski traverses, often to remote areas that have rarely been seen or photographed. For John, the purpose of these explorations is to travel through the mountain wilderness, to climb high snowy peaks, to search for sheltered basins where the snow is deep and light, to look at patterns in the new fallen snow, stare at the chaos of a jumbled icefall or experience the stillness of a vast icefield.

On Linda: Linda Bily is a passionate skier, photographer and professional environmental engineer who fell in love with the big coastal glaciers of BC, Yukon and Alaska. She has completed over fifteen long ski mountaineering traverses. When not in the mountains, Bily lives with her partner John Baldwin in Vancouver, BC.

DONATION: 1x “Mt Waddington” canvas print, 1x “Ice Cave” canvas print, “Soul of the Wilderness”, “Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis”, “Mountains of the Coast”, Backcountry Shames, Coquihalla Summit, Duffey Lake, Backcountry Whistler.

Phee’s summers are spent gathering material up the coast on their boat or climbing in the mountains of the Coast range and the Rockies. Her heart is in the outdoors and her paintings reflect this love.

Donation: Mt Robson, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Mt Assiniboine and Mt Edith Cavell.

Artist statement: The reason I am here is that I have learned through experience how quickly life changes. I am familiar with what the grief of losing a loved one feels like. With every photo we create together, I hold my loss close to my heart because I know that you also cherish the short, sweet time we get with the people we love.

Donation: Baby Photography Package.


Roy Millar was born and educated in Scotland where he developed an early love for painting, the highland landscape and outdoor pursuits.

Donation: You may be already be familiar with the piece that Roy has donated to us for the auction - it’s on our Buffs! Roy has generously donated a large print of this piece.

Jennifer Annesley is a Canadian artist whose career currently spans 30 years and 84 exhibitions. Her work resides in private and public collections worldwide and receives international recognition through juried exhibitions and fine art publications.

Donation: “Winter’s Keep” print.

Artist Statement: I’m committed to a life of creating images. My primary goal is to master the art of painting and develop increasingly the ability to convey my passion for the subjects I explore.

Donation: “Cowboy Crossing”, “The Cowboy Rhythm” and “Silver Feathers”.

Louise Olinger's appreciation of the wildness and raw beauty of nature began in childhood when she was first captivated by the allure of the mountains. Louise moved to the mountains in the mid-90's and is thrilled that she is living her dream: combining her love of the outdoors and painting the very landscape she so passionately enjoys.

Donation: “Mount Lougheed” original, “Ravens in a Puddle

Margaret Gmoser was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1945. Her adventures in the mountains began at a young age when she moved out west with her family to Calgary, Alberta.

Donation: ACMG 40 Year Commemorative Chair, by Canmore Woodcrafters, carving by Reto Kaufmann.

Artist statement: Born on Vancouver Island, I grew up in Wollongong Australia, where I dug clay from cliffs and creek beds, which I processed for making hand built pots. In high school art class, I fired and glazed pottery for the first time.

Donation: “Grizzly by the Glacier” pottery.

More sponsors of the 2019 Summit Bid include:

2019 Summit Bid

Our Summit Bid auction platform is now live! Which means you can view and bid on all available items*, and like the previous year, proceeds will go to support the ACC's Environment Fund.

Bidding ends the evening of the 2019 Mountain Guides Ball - items will be there to view as well.

*new items are always being added, so stay tuned!