1949 GMC: The art of slowing down


Editor’s Note - With the first week of our 2019 GMC stated to begin this weekend, we thought it would be fun to look back on the 1949 GMC from a quaint (and gorgeous) journal we received.

Our GMC’s have always been a place where participants can unplug and reflect on the environment, make new friends and explore new terrain. The journal does a perfect job at explaining why these things are so special and why it’s important to slow down to have these types of experiences.

… also, it’s worth noting that we have no idea who the author is - if you know, send us a note to marketing@alpineclubfocanada.ca!

Freshfields Glacier, 1949

Base camp like scene in Tibet - bleak, dusty and cold - everybody wears all their clothes... lunches until too dark to see - the Lewis special: Spam, jam and cheese - then crawl thankfully into our beds.
— July 16, Basecamp
The twenty mile hike. Trail very good - moss covered and level for most part - flowers varied and lovely mountain peaks... Reach camp at last and feel quite triumphant - have been hours on the road. Fruit juice a disappointment, but is gratefully received.
— July 17, Trail
We climb Mount David this day - some twenty of us... Climb to summit by little chimney - given false courage by rope held in masterly fashion - no belay and quite exposed... Cold on top so we don’t stay long, though views in all directions most wonderful... slow descent - more horrible brush. Whacking which seems to go on forever. Reach camp at 7:00 and do not feel like we have been on any picnic.
— July 19, Mount David
A wet day … sleep most of morning – and end up washing and tent cleaning. Help the tea tent in the afternoon. More new arrivals – Ray Bullmer and his daughter who have taken two days to come in. Rain ceased in the evening and we have bonfire and some good singing – a father and son from Texas... particularly good voice – knows all the old songs and some new ones.”
— July 20, High camp
Rain, wind, thunder and lightning. Our Logan tent seems about to take off into space at intervals - never slept on harder ground - so help me!
— July 23, High camp
Very easy going for a time - but as we eat lunch on last flat place day clouds over - Niverville disappears never to be seen again... In spite of thunder and lightning we press on, for four souls wish to graduate.
— July 24, Mount Niverville
Awake, practically as good as new - a wet day - we are glad to do nothing exciting - sleep a great deal - eat all meals - help in tea tent - a good bonfire at night and a last sing song.
— July 25, High camp
The twenty miles out just as long and hard as the twenty miles in, but the company is very good and mostly we are in hilarious spirits.
— July 26, Trail
Have come at Athabasca Landing & Lunch at Columbia Icefields. As scenic a drive as there is in the world probably. Sometimes we seem to be on the top of the world - a bit of rain but nothing to speak of after the deluges we’ve been through.
— July 27, Columbia Icefields

Join us in the 2020 GMC!

For 2020, we are excited to announce the GMC will be visiting the unique and beautiful alpine wilderness surrounding Mt. Mummery in the Western Rockies. This spectacular peak which stands just shy of 11,000 feet is surrounded by glaciers and several peaks with no recorded ascents. We also hope to gain access to the glacial expanse of the Freshfield Icecap (the location in this blog!) from basecamp which offers several more 10,000 feet peaks including Mt. Freshfield.