Environmentalism & Sustainability: ACC Open House Gallery


This past Sunday, we hosted our annual Open House at the ACC Clubhouse - with this year’s theme being “Environmentalism & Sustainability”. Dozens of organizations and exhibitors from the area gathered at the Clubhouse to share their initiatives and a little about themselves.

This year we had the following organizations attend:

Things are cooking up for the BBQ.

Great views and organizations on deck.

Community Cruisers under the bike roof - nice.

Great weather to have some outdoor displays!

“Nature Needs Half” podcast asks the hard-hitting questions.

Come build an insect hotel?

Bug expert.

The Bear Minimum, here to keep things reusable and compostable.

Beeswax wraps with Bear Minimum.

Zero Waste with Katie from the Town of Banff.

Your coffee pal @ The Rocky Bean Co

Kids learn to be smart with wildlife from WildSmart.

Y2Y explaining what they do and why they do it.

Big print from big animal.

Free copies of the 2019 State of the Mountains. (also available online)