Art in the Park


Editor's Note - While we love climbing, hiking and skiing here at the ACC, we also recognize that the mountains are more than just arenas where we can push our physical boundaries, which is why programs like 'Art in the Park' can be so important.

'Art in the Park' is a collaboration between Parks Canada, the Revelstoke Visual Arts Society (RVAS) and the ACC to get artists outside in an environment where they can be inspired to create.

We went out to the A.O. Wheeler Hut recently and met up with the several wonderful artists from this program for some mountain air and mountain art!

Art in the Park is about creating that sense of place and sharing an emotional response to that place through art.
— Jackie Pendergast

What is 'Art in the Park'?

'Art in the Park' celebrates the idea of nature inspired art by gathering a bunch of creatives together and sending them out into the hills for a week of art and exploring. Through the program they hope to raise awareness to local residents, staff and visitors about the beauty that exists inside our parks along with the different visions and interpretations it can evoke.

Here's a few quick hits on the program:

  • started in 2008
  • based out of Mount Revelstoke or Glacier National Park
  • artists are chosen through a rigorous selection process
  • the program focuses on a balance between artistic mediums and outdoor experiences
  • finished artwork goes on tour and is available to view online afterwards

A home IN the A.O. Wheeler Hut

The ACC has partnered up with Parks Canada to provide the A.O. Wheeler Hut as a basecamp for artists in the 'Art in the Park' program.

While plein-air art is certainly one of the main focuses of this project, having a sheltered staging area for evening gatherings away from the bugs and foul weather definitely provides some relief for the artists to better focus in and still experience the wilderness. The wood stove and propane-powered kitchen and lamps provide for some pretty cozy evenings as well.

Along with its amenities, the A.O. Wheeler Hut is also conveniently located in Glacier National Park (4km south of Roger's Pass) at the footstep of the Asulkan Range and Illecillewaet Glacier - plenty of day hiking options to be explored!

What it The means to be In the mountains

For as long as we've been getting outside, mountains and nature have been there to inspire us, whether our connectedness comes from gripping onto steep faces, carving narrow couloirs or camping under the stars.

For those of us who are lucky and skilled enough, we also possess other avenues to express and share that inspiration beyond physical exertion - through writing, painting, photography or other artistic mediums.

'Art in the Park' helps to expand our view of what mountain culture consists of and the ACC will continue to support and encourage programs such as this to help mountain people find their voices.

Stay tuned to our channels for when the pieces from 'Art in the Park' go on tour!