Climate change to test mountain communities

While climate change is on the radar for most us, mountain communities will be among the first to feel challenged by its affects. In this article, Kevin Hanna writes about how mountain people are at the gates of climate change and how resilience and adaptation will be necessary to understand the risks and actions required to maintain a successful community.

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The Mountain Legacy Project: Exploring 150 Years of Landscape Change in the Canadian Mountain West

Early surveying efforts in Canada has provided us with a large database of high-quality images, dating back as far as 1861. The Mountain Legacy Project (MLP), based at the University of Victoria in the School of Environmental Studies, has been using these images to explore change in Canada’s mountain landscapes. By accessing and comparing old images to new, the MLP is able to document and display changes in our landscape, from glaciers, treelines, vegetation encroachment to wildfire habits.

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The shifting states of alpine treelines in Canada

What does climate change have to do with treelines shifting to higher and higher altitudes? And what does this mean for animal species relying on alpine ecosystems?

This piece from Carissa D. Brown explores our diverse treelines across Canada - what keeps them alive in certain locations and what facilitates, slows down or prevents their expansion.

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